Rhye Shares New Single “Helpless”: Stream

The slinky celebration of love comes with a video from Rhye's partner, Genevieve Medow-Jenkins

Rhye Emma Marie Jenkinson Helpless new song music video watch stream
Rhye, photo by Emma Marie Jenkinson

    It’s hard to find a bright spot in 2020, but quarantine hasn’t been universally bad. Rhye, for example, has been isolating with his partner, Genevieve Medow-Jenkins, and that has led to some wonderful new music. The artist aka Michael Milosh first celebrated his paramour on May’s “Beautiful”, and now he’s back with another love song called “Helpless”.

    A carousel of hazy synthesizers and strings spin the track gently around the steady beat and romantic strings of the chorus. In his rich countertenor, Rhye exalts the pure, “helpless” love between him and his partner. “Things you do for me/ Give a million love songs,” he sings. “I knew it from the start/ I’d grow with you, oh/ Give you heart, give you love, give you range.”

    Medow-Jenkins directed the video for “Helpless”, which stars Conor Leslie (The Man in the High Castle, Wonder Girl on DC’s Titans), choreographer Fatima Robinson, and Fatima’s son, Xuly. “Creating art like this video, made with our closest friends, has been the greatest joy of our quarantine,” said Medow-Jenkins in a statement. “We hope it can inspire you to dream what love and joy can look like for your life now: through friendship, family, or a perfect stranger.”


    Watch the “Helpless” clip below.

    Rhye has rescheduled a run of UK and EU tour dates for next spring, and you can find tickets here.


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