Final Season of Schitt’s Creek Coming to Netflix in October

After taking home all the Emmys, the history-making season is finally coming to your home

schitts creek final season netflix release date
Schitt’s Creek (CBC)

    It’s a week of all the best news for Schitt’s Creek and its fans. Less than 24 hours after the modern comedy classic completed a history-making sweep at the Emmys, the show’s sixth and final season is finally making its way to Netflix beginning October 7th. Update: Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek has been released to Netflix early. It’s now available to stream as of October 3rd.

    Schitt’s Creek originally ran on Canada’s CBC Television beginning in 2015, but the only way to watch it in the US was to subscribe to Pop TV or buy episodes on Amazon. It wasn’t until the Netflix began hosting past seasons in 2017 that the series entered the US cultural consciousness, leading to a huge spike in popularity.

    That popularity culminated in a string of historic wins at Sunday night’s 2020 Emmy Awards. Schitt’s Creek took home every single award in the comedy series categories — the first time the feat has ever been accomplished. On top of winning Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Directing, and Outstanding Writing, each of the shows’ four principal cast members won trophies: Eugene Levy for Outstanding Lead Actor, Catherine O’Hara for Outstanding Lead Actress, Dan Levy for Outstanding Supporting Actor, and Annie Murphy for Outstanding Supporting Actress.


    Schitt’s Creek Season 6 originally aired on Pop TV and CBC between January and April of this year. Though fans in the US surely found ways to see the final episodes even before they came to Netflix, come October 7th the entire series will be streaming for anyone to re-watch at their leisure.

    Update: Per Deadline, episodes of Schitt’s Creek will also air on Comedy Central beginning October 2nd.

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