Spooky New Truth Seekers Trailer Turns Wi-Fi Techs Into Ghostbusters: Watch

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg team up once again for Amazon's new horror-comedy series

Truth Seekers (Amazon)

    There’s something annoying in the neighborhood, and it’s spotty Wi-Fi. Who are you going to call to rescue your Zoom meetings? The broadband technicians of Truth Seekers! A new Amazon horror-comedy series that reunites Shaun of the Dead stars Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, it shines a paranormal spotlight on the unsung essential workers that keep us all connected to the information superhighway.

    Following a first-look teaser in July, Amazon is now sharing a full-length trailer. In it, we are further introduced to Gus (Frost), a Wi-Fi home installation tech who is tasked with training new hires. He’s annoyed at the prospect of teaching “millennial mouth-breathers” about the finer points of setting up a network, but quickly becomes friends with Elton (Samson Kayo) as he reveals the real nature of their work: hunting spooky phenomena for a web show. Dave (Pegg) plays Gus’ boss at their company Smyle Broadband, and may or may not be pulling strings behind the scenes.

    The group encounters an assortment of spooky scenarios, including basement walls covered in ritual symbols, beings with their flesh ripped off, and ghosts that look like Dementors. It’s a Ghostbusters gig for the modern digital age: Gus and Elton have tons of fans who watch their videos and offer tips and clues.


    Watch the new Truth Seekers trailer down below. Just in time for Halloween, the TV series will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on October 30th.


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