Bruce Willis Returns as John McClane for Epic Die Hard Car Battery Commercial: Watch

Also featuring the return of De'voreaux White and Clarence Gilyard!

Bruce Willis Brings Back John McClane for Epic Die Hard Car Battery Commercial: Watch
Bruce Willis in DieHard commercial

    Yippee-ki-yay, folks: John McClane is back — and in a car battery commercial of all places. Today, Advance Auto Parts dropped a wildly epic commercial that finds Bruce Willis back in the saddle as his iconic Die Hard hero. The crossover makes sense, however, as the automotive market is highlighting a new line of — you guessed it — DieHard batteries.

    Like the best blockbusters, the gist of the commercial is pretty simple: McClane is stuck in a rock and a hard place as he car breaks down. Fortunately, he’s near an Advance Auto Parts, where they just so happen to have those aforementioned DieHard batteries. The catch? He just so happens to face all of his old foes and even one of his former sidekicks.

    Fans of John McTiernan’s 1988 original classic will no doubt notice a couple of familiar faces. The most obvious is the return of De’voreaux White, McClane’s Run DMC-loving limousine driver. Also back is Clarence Gilyard, aka Theo, who previously worked as Hans Gruber’s tech specialist and proves here the quarterback is not toast.


    Catch the commercial below. Not gonna lie, it’s a pretty awesome two minutes, and arguably the best piece of Die Hard material we’ve seen since 1995’s Die Hard with a Vengeance. At the very least, it’s better seeing McClane in these ridiculous shorts than whatever prequel 20th Century was dreaming up years ago.


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