In May, the Dirty Projectors released the perfectly effervescent new single “Lose Your Love”, fronted by keyboardist and percussionist Felicia Douglass. That little slice of heaven has already attracted one remix from Jimmy “The Senator” Douglass, a Grammy-winning producer who also happens to be Felicia’s father. Now, electro-funk duo Chromeo have dropped remix number two, giving the track their own disco-ball spin.

The original “Lose Your Love” used warm synths and whimsical, chipmunk-soul samples to put some bounce in your step. In contrast, the Chromeo remix finds a harder, sweatier approach, the better for dancing all night. In Club Chromeo, the strutting bass line holds the floor, while a twirling keyboard topline keeps the people hyped. Check it out below.

Dirty Projectors are four-fifths of the way through their five-EP series. So far, they’ve shared Windows Open, Flight Tower (where “Lose Your Love” calls home),Super João, and Earth Crisis. The fifth installment drops on November 20th, when all five works will be collected together in the imaginatively titled album 5EPs.


As for Chromeo, they recently dropped the laugh-until-you-fuck release Quarantine Casanovawhich was followed by a seven-song collaboration with Ian Isiah, AUNTIE.