Kevin Morby Unveils New Song “US Mail”: Stream

He's also shared a P.O. Box where you can write him a letter

Kevin Morby US Mail new song single watch stream
Kevin Morby in “US Mail” video

    Kevin Morby has unveiled a tribute to mothers, daughters, and postal workers with the new song “US Mail”. In keeping with this theme, he’s also shared a P.O. Box where you can write him a letter.

    This loosie was originally intended for Morby’s October release Sundowner, which is perhaps the best album of his career. But after the studio went into lockdown, Morby decided to record the song remotely with producer Brad Cook. The lyrics take the form of an exchange of post cards between a mother in rehab and her lonely daughter. “Mama won’t you write me a letter?” he sings. “Stick it in the US Mail/ And mama I do hope you feel better/ For you, I will not fail.”

    In a statement, which he fittingly styled in the form of a letter, Morby explained his fascination with the postal service and how the song came together. He wrote,

    “‘US Mail’ is a song I wrote about a mother communicating with her daughter via the USPS from within an inpatient rehab facility. Restricted from any forms of electronic communication, the two must rely on postcards carried by the United States Postal Service to reach one another.

    My PO BOX is featured on the track artwork — please feel free to write me a letter and continue sending mail to your loved ones to support the USPS. It’s service has been integral to my career and I have been passionate about both sending and receiving physical mail since I was a child. It is simply one of my favorite things. I will do my best to write you back, but even if I don’t, please know that your letters mean the world to me and that I read and cherish them all.

    Though we had originally intended to record this song in studio while mixing Sundowner, when the lockdown went into effect and the session was cancelled we decided to do it remotely instead, with Brad recording the music and me recording the vocals from our respective homes.

    This release is dedicated to mothers and their children -* and all postal workers everywhere.

    KM, Kansas City 2020″


    Check out that postcard, and listen to “US Mail”, below. Earlier this month, Morby’s old band Woods released a new rarities collection Reflections Vol. 1 (Bumble Bee Crown King), featuring contributions from Morby.


    “US Mail” Artwork:

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