Lana Del Rey is drawing criticism for her choice of face wear during a recent indoor book signing.

Earlier this week, Del Rey appeared at a Los Angeles Barnes and Noble to sign copies of her new poetry book, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass. As photos and videos posted to Del Rey’s own Instagram show, the singer opted to wear a mesh face mask. With hundreds of tiny little holes, the covering offered Del Rey little in the way of protection during the COVID-19 pandemic, but at least it was sparkly!

Not surprisingly, Del Rey was immediately hammered on social media. “Lana Del Rey wearing a face mask // a random Karen wearing a face mask,” read one comment posted to her Instagram. Another read, “What is wrong with Lana del Rey like she’s literally not okay why is she wearing a fishnet mask, like is this supposed to be a statement or something.”

According to The Independent, Del Rey’s sister, Caroline “Chuck” Grant, defended Lana by claiming the singer had “tested negative” for the virus and stood “more than six feet away”. (Del Rey did, however, pose for several photos with fans.)


Los Angeles currently requires cloth face masks for all indoor events, and Del Rey could be subject to a fine for violating the ordinance.

Earlier this year, Del Rey was heavily criticized after posting videos of people looting during Black Lives Matters protests in LA.

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