John Carpenter’s Halloween Is Year-Round Comfort Horror

Psychoanalysis digs into why we love to rewatch the 1978 slasher classic

Psychoanalysis - Halloween
Psychoanalysis – Halloween

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     “It’s Halloween; everyone’s entitled to one good scare.”

    T’is the season to get spooky and what better way to do it than with John Carpenter’s slasher classic, Halloween.

    Join Jenn, Lara, and Mike along with special guest Michael Roffman to talk about why we love returning to Haddonfield year after year and the enduring power of The Shape.


    Together, we share our first watching experiences, break down our favorite scenes, and compare and contrast the many sequels and adaptations. We’ll workshop ideas for our horror themed workout videos and discuss why Dr. Loomis may just be the worst psychiatrist in film history.

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    As always, we’ll close by sharing our current grounding and self-care. So drop the knife, put on your costume, and meet us at the Meyers house. We’re not about to let anything happen to you.


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