SEVENTEEN Release Highlight Medley Video for New Album ; [Semicolon]: Watch

A preview of every track featured on their upcoming LP

SEVENTEEN highlight medley video semicolon ; music video (YouTube)

    K-pop group SEVENTEEN have released a highlight medley video for their upcoming new album, ; [Semicolon]. Watch it below.

    ; [Semicolon] is the second special album SEVENTEEN have recorded. It’s currently scheduled to be released on October 19th, and they’re going big by making the physical version available in 13 different variants, one for each member of the group.

    To shake things up before the record hits streaming services, SEVENTEEN decided to gift fans a preview of each track. The six-song medley begins with the chipper finger snaps of retro opener “HOME;RUN”. It’s followed by the anthemic trap number “Do Re Mi (도레미)”, the pop-forward “HEY BUDDY”, and the jazzy rap “Light a Flame (마음에 불을 지펴)”. The album then closes out with the acoustic synth song “AH! LOVE” and the mellow closer “All My Love (겨우)”.


    In the accompanying medley video, each member of SEVENTEEN can be seen posing by soothing backdrops. It ends with a pastel-colored group shot featuring all 13 members side by side.

    Back in June, SEVENTEEN entered the ranks of top-tier K-pop groups when Heng:garæ, their seventh mini-album, sold over one million copies. That’s a huge number for any artist these days, but especially for a group like SEVENTEEN, who stand out in the field due to their unique talent as as performers and self-produced idols. It looks like ; [Semicolon] could help their trajectory to continue rocketing upwards.