King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Unleash New Demos Album, Live Recording for Bandcamp Friday: Stream

Australian rockers drop Demos Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 and Live in Asheville

King Gizzard Release Demos Collection and Live Album
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, photo by Lior Phillips

    The Bandcamp Friday force is strong with King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard today. The Australian psych-rock crew have released not one, but two lengthy projects on the beloved digital music platform: a 28-song demos collection and an 18-track live album.

    Demos Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 contains demos and unfinished loosies plucked from throughout the band’s 15-album discography. There are early versions of old tracks like 2011’s “Let It Bleed” and 2017’s “The Spider and Me”, as well as unheard takes of super recent 2020 singles “Honey” and “Straws In The Wind”.

    As for the new live album, Live in Asheville ’19 captures King Gizzard’s September 2019 gig at the New Belgium Brewing Company in Asheville, North Carolina. Technically it’s their fifth live record of 2020 following hefty release drops in January and April, and it features tracks such as “People Vultures”, “This Thing”, and “Cyboogie”.


    King Gizzard fans are used to combing through massive quantities of new material at a rapid pace — the band famously released five (!) studio albums in 2017 — but this latest dump feels like it might keep them busy for a long while. As of now, the albums are only available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp, so you can take a listen below.

    Neither record comes in a physical format, but the band did release limited edition t-shirts for each of them. It looks like two of them are sold out, so act fast if you want this neat white Live in Asheville ’19 tee.

    Demos Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 Artwork: 

    King Gizzard Demos Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 Artwork

    Demos Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 Tracklist:
    01. Music To Kill Bad People To
    02. Evil Death Roll (Demo)
    03. Dirt (Demo)
    05. Sketches Of Brunswick East (Demo)
    06. Demo No. 79
    07. Planet B (Demo)
    08. The Bird Song (Demo)
    09. Muddy Water (Demo)
    10. Mars for the Rich (Demo)
    11. Footy Footy (Demo)
    12. Stevie Ray Horn (Demo)
    13. Automation (Demo)
    14. Fishing For Fishies (Demo)
    15. Music to Eat Bananas To
    16. The Spider And Me (Demo)
    17. Most OF What I Like (Demo)
    18. 9 TET
    19. Demo No. 67
    20. Danger $$$ (Demo)
    21. Horology (Demo)
    22. Honey (Demo)
    23. The 10th Boogie
    24. Let It Bleed (Demo)
    25. Tezeta (Demo)
    26. Scared Of Christmas
    27. Sleepwalker (Demo)
    28. Straws In The Wind (Demo)


    Live in Asheville ’19 Artwork: 

    King Gizzard Live In Asheville '19 album art

    Live in Asheville ’19 Tracklist:
    01. Evil Star (Live In Asheville ’19)
    02. Self Immolate (Live In Asheville ’19)
    03. Venusian 2 (Live In Asheville ’19)
    04. Alter Me III (Live In Asheville ’19)
    05. Altered Beast IV (Live In Asheville ’19)
    06. People Vultures (Live In Asheville ’19)
    07. This Thing (Live In Asheville ’19)
    08. Beginner’s Luck (Live In Asheville ’19)
    09. Rattlesnake (Live In Asheville ’19)
    10. Cyboogie (Live In Asheville ’19)
    11. Loyalty (Live In Asheville ’19)
    12. Horology (Live In Asheville ’19)
    13. Boogieman Sam (Live In Asheville ’19)
    14. Plastic Boogie (Live In Asheville ’19)
    15. Mars For The Rich (Live In Asheville ’19)
    16. Hell (Live In Asheville ’19)
    17. The Lord Of Lightning (Live In Asheville ’19)
    18. The Bitter Boogie (Live In Asheville ’19)


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