Lykke Li Shares Heartbreaking New Song “BRON”: Stream

First original single since 2018 was written with Oscar-winning composer Ludwig Göransson

Lykke Li, photo by Heather Kaplan

    Swedish dream pop artist Lykke Li has released a new single in her native language. “BRON”, which translates to “BRIDGE” in English, marks Li’s first original offering since her 2018 album so sad so sexy.

    Li wrote the track in collaboration with Ludwig Göransson, a Swedish producer and music composer known for his Oscar-winning work on Black Panther and Emmy-worthy score for The Mandalorian. As to be expected from such a pairing of talents, “BRON” has a heartbreaking and cinematic ambiance to it.

    “On a bridge/ With heart in hand again/ It is now or never/ I died/ With heart in hand again/ Let me go/ But never let me go,” a torn and conflicted Li sings in the opening verse. The chorus finds her a bit more resolute about her feelings, though: “Because I’m crushed/ But I will not cry more tears.” Hear it for yourself below.


    Since dropping so sad so sexy — one of our favorite albums of 2018 — Li has linked up with Lil Baby and Skrillex for remixes. She also issued her still sad still sexy EP and collaborated with Mark Ronson. Most recently, Li covered the Gloria Gaynor classic “I Will Survive”.


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