You’ve had sunshine in a bag, but how about in a box? Now you can own versions of 2D, Russel Hobbs, Murdoc Niccals, and Noodle that are as real as anything else about your favorite virtual band. That’s right, Gorillaz have teamed up with the manufacturing might of Superplastic to create a limited-edition run of deluxe vinyl toys.

Technically, Gorillaz have only been working with Superplastic since 2019, but the band’s real-life co-creator Jamie Hewlett has been collaborating with the company for over 20 years. The new figurines stand between 9- and 12-inches tall and retail for $80-$95. Renderings of the toys capture the odd skin tones, brightly-colored hair, and vacant stares of the animated members, and you can check them out below.

Orders are available through the Superplastic website. These new toys are the latest promotion of Gorillaz’s new album Song Machine: Season 1 — Strange TimezRecently, the band shared a new video for “The Valley of the Pagans” featuring Beck. And real-life Gorillaz songwriter Damon Albarn has been teasing a movie and a Plastic Beach sequel.