Phoebe Bridgers Announces New Copycat Killer EP

Featuring new arrangements of four Punisher tracks

phoebe bridgers copycat killer ep new punisher
Phoebe Bridgers, photo by Olof Grind

    Phoebe Bridgers has announced a new EP called Copycat Killer. Featuring four fresh takes on tracks from Bridgers’ latest album, Punisher, the EP will be available on November 20th.

    Punisher landed in June with all the force of a lightning strike. A quiet, searching effort, it’s one of those rare records that even the most cautious of critics would feel comfortable labelling an instant classic. Now, Bridgers has re-worked four standout songs: “Kyoto”, “Savior Complex”, “Chinese Satellite”, and “Punisher”. To do so, she’s enlisted the help of Rob Moose, co-founder of yMusic and occasional member of Bon Iver. Moose’s stirring string arrangements have added razzle-dazzle to songs by everyone from Sufjan Stevens to Taylor Swift. On paper, this partnership sounds just about perfect.

    Copycat Killer is available November 20th through Rough Trade. Only 1,500 vinyl copies will be produced, and pre-orders have already begun. Scroll onwards to peruse the artwork and tracklist.


    Last month, Bridgers announced her own record label Saddest Factory. Other than becoming her own boss and CEO, she’s participated in Planned Parenthood’s get-out-the-vote campaign, helped Tenacious D cover “Time Warp”, and joined Bright Eyes on the PP benefit single “Miracle of Life”.

    Copycat Killer EP Artwork:

    Copycat Killer EP Tracklist:
    01. Kyoto
    02. Savior Complex
    03. Chinese Satellite
    04. Punisher