Pure Joy Is Jack White Explaining the Customizations on His Bonkers Guitar: Watch

Behold: White's Three-Wheel-Motion Low Rider Telecaster

jack white customized guitar the raconteurs three wheel motion low ride telecaster
Jack White, image via YouTube

    You may think you’ve experienced joy, but you’ve probably never approached the giddy glee of Jack White as he explains the bonkers customizations on his pimped-out guitar. In a new, surprisingly funny video from The Raconteurs, White gives a blow-by-blow account of every gizmo and gadget. By the end, your heart will be wobbling like a B-string after White activated his B-bender.

    The video opens with a bit of background information, before discovering White in what looks like a tastefully-decorated dungeon. White introduces himself, and his absurdist intentions instantly become clear when he’s interrupted by the sound of ice cubes crashing together. The camera pans to a drink bar and a man shoveling through an ice bucket. “Jack,” White says, “You wouldn’t mind making me a drink while you’re over there, my friend.” It’s not a question. Soon afterwards, this Jack fellow returns with a shiny green apple.

    Through text and monologues, we learn that the guitar is now a Three-Wheel-Motion Low Rider Orange Telecaster. But it started off as a B-Bender Nashville Telecaster — a gift, although in its original form, it might have retailed for around $2,000 or more. White commissioned Chip Ellis and the Fender Custom Shop to transform it into a lean, mean, shredding machine.


    The tour of the guitar begins with the B-bender, which White describes as, “a gadget to make you sound a little more like a pedal steel guitar. So if I play a B and an E string,” and here he demonstrates, “and just move the strap a little bit, the E sustains by itself while the B goes up and down.”

    Afterwards, he’s interrupted by the camera operator, who points at cutesy picture of two pooches hanging from the wall. “Look, man!” White snarls in irritation. “We’ll cut the dogs out in post!”

    But they did not, and the fluffy canines remain standing guard over his shoulder. White continues on through the guitar’s three customized pickups, followed by a cutoff, a pickup selector, and knobs for tone and volume. He also shows off his a switch for drop-D tuning, and G- and E-benders, though they both don’t last. After a slow-motion dance break — that’s right, a slow-motion dance break — the video jumps to “a few months later,” when White explains that he’s removed the G-bender. This second section is the most revealing, because we get to see how his instrument changes over time. The whole video is less than four minutes long, and you can check it out below.


    During the pandemic, White has been indulging his tech nerd side, and in September Third Man Records released a new digital octave guitar pedal. He’s also continued his streak of being a charitable dude. After a drunk woman broke a street busker’s guitar, White stepped in with a gorgeous replacement. His first band, The White Stripes, are gearing up to release The White Stripes Greatest Hits. and in that nostalgic spirit they’ve already shared a new music video for “Apple Blossom”.

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