On Friday, Tegan and Sara appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to (virtually) play their new single “Make You Mine This Season”. Replay the performance below, followed by Clarkson’s own recent cover of Tegan and Sara’s “Closer”.

A synthpop tune filled with queer longing, “Make You Mine This Season” was written by Tegan and Sara for the Hulu holiday movie Happiest Season. Directed by Clea DuVall, the film is about a woman who comes to realize that her longtime girlfriend hasn’t yet come out to her conservative family members. The project stars Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Dan Levy, Alison Brie, and Aubrey Plaza and premieres November 25th. Head here to sign up for a free 30-day Hulu trial.

In related news, it was just announced that Tegan and Sara’s 2019 memoir High School is being adapted into a TV show by DuVall. The band also hinted on social media that it might “make a record next year. Feels time for new songs.” Hey I’m Just Like You, the duo’s last proper full-length, was released last fall to coincide with the memoir.


The indie duo also recently took to Twitter to draw attention to the harrowing situation unfolding in Poland. This year, more than 100 local governments — roughly one third of the entire country — officially declared themselves “LGBT-free zones.” As the New York Times notes, Poland’s top leaders have also described human rights for LGBTQ+ people an “ideology more dangerous than communism” and called “homosexuality a threat to Polish identity.”

“Our hearts break for the LGBTQ+ community in Poland,” Tegan and Sara wrote earlier this week. “We’ve played in Warsaw a few times + loved it. The anti LGBTQ policies + rhetoric are driving LGBTQ+ people out of the country. LGBTQ+ communities face persecution, hate, oppression + death in so many places around the world.”

“It can sometimes become overwhelming to think how our band can help around the world to draw attention, or raise awareness, or offer support, funds, or even hope to oppressed LGBTQ+ communities..but we will keep trying.”