Eddie Van Halen Guitars Sell for $422,000 at Auction and His Son Wolfgang Is Not Pleased

Wolfgang Van Halen went on a tweet storm following the auction

Eddie Van Halen Guitar Auction
Eddie Van Halen’s custom guitars, courtesy of Julien’s

    Three of Eddie Van Halen‘s iconic custom guitars recently sold at auction for a combined $422,000 — an event that did not impress his son Wolfgang.

    Wolgang went on a tweet storm after Julien’s Auctions finalized the sale at nearly a half million dollars for three of Eddie’s “Frankenstrat”-style guitars. He called the timing of the auction “fishy,” being that it happened so soon after Eddie Van Halen’s tragic passing, and said he had “nothing” to do with the sale.

    In a retweet of a headline announcing the final auction price, Wolfgang said: “The headline should read: Three guitars that are striped were sold at an auction for charity. They weren’t stage guitars. I had nothing to do with this. I don’t EVER plan on selling any of my father’s iconic guitars. The only place they’d possibly belong in is a museum.”


    However, the auction wasn’t for charity, as Wolfgang soon discovered. He shamed one auction beneficiary for selling a guitar that was gifted to him before slamming the entire thing altogether.

    “Also one was a gift,” he tweeted. “I don’t know who’d want to give that away. Timing is a little fishy to me. … Oh wait, scratch that. It WASN’T for charity. They’re just taking advantage of my father’s passing. What a surprise. F**k ‘em.”

    As previously reported, Eddie Van Halen presented one of the guitars to close friend Bryan Cash in 1991 after playing the instrument at the latter’s Cash’s Centenary Oyster House in Shreveport, Louisiana.


    Wolfgang himself faced similar criticisms from aggro Twitter users after releasing his debut solo single last month. But as Wolfgang was quick to point out, the music had been planned for release before his father’s death, as Eddie had expressed that the chosen single was his favorite song on Wolfgang’s upcoming album.

    Read Wolfgang’s Twitter thread below.