Oscar Isaac Cast as Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid Movie

Isaac long lobbied for the role

Oscar Isaac Metal Gear Solid Snake movie cast casting news sony
Oscar Isaac (photo by Gage Skidmore) and Metal Gear Solid 2 (Konami)

    Oscar Isaac has been cast as Solid Snake in Sony’s upcoming film adaptation of the beloved Metal Gear Solid video game franchise, according toThe Hollywood Reporter.

    Unless you’ve been hiding in a cardboard box for the last 30 years, you’ve probably heard of Hideo Kojima’s blockbuster stealth action series. The character first appeared in 1987’s Metal Gear as a naked homage to Snake Plissken, the protagonist of John Carpenter’s Escape From New York. Solid Snake (sometimes known as Iroquois Pliskin and sometimes just David) is a secretive special forces operative and occasional self-employed mercenary. The backstory is notoriously dense, and the series has long deployed lengthy cut-scenes that, while not always fun to play, would seem to make the material perfectly suited for the silver screen.

    Isaac has long thought so, too. Last year, IGN asked him which video game character he would like to take on. He replied, “Metal Gear Solid, that’s the one,” adding, “I’m throwing my hat in for that one.” Check out that clip below.


    Metal Gear Solid will be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and written by Derek Connolly; the pair had previously collaborated on Kong: Skull Island.

    Over the last few years, Isaac has gone from beloved arthouse actor to one of the biggest names in blockbuster cinema. He’ll star in Denis Villenueve’s Dune next year, he was recently cast as Francis Ford Coppola in Francis and the Godfatherand he’s in talks to lead Disney+’s Moon Knight series.

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