Death Grips’ Gmail and the Restraining Orders EP, “More Than the Fairy” Finally Added to Spotify, Apple: Stream

Both releases date back to 2015-2016 and were previously only available on YouTube

Death Grips, photo by David Brendan Hall

    It’s been two years and counting since we last got a proper album from Death Grips, but today’s surprise drop should keep fans preoccupied in the meantime. The group’s experimental EP Gmail and the Restraining Orders and one-off single “More Than the Fairy” have finally been added to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple.

    Gmail and the Restraining Orders is a 30-minute collection of noise rock that was played prior to Death Grips’ live shows in 2015. The project was then featured in Warp Records’ WXAXRXP radio festival in 2019, before subsequently being released onto YouTube.

    As for “More Than the Fairy”, this track was initially put out on YouTube in 2016. It notably features bass from special (and very unexpected) guest Les Claypool of Primus. The collaboration is considered one of the best songs from Death Grips — at least according to the eagle-eyed reddit users who first spotted these two releases on Friday.


    Stream both down below. Death Grips’ most recent album, Year of the Snitch, came out in 2016.

    “Gmail and the Restraining Orders”:

    “More Than the Fairy” feat. Les Claypool:

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