Grimes Says She Has COVID-19: “Weirdly Enjoying the DayQuil Fever Dream”

She also gives a shout out to SZA's new single "Good Days"

Grimes Delicate Weapon new song Cyberpunk 2077 music Grimes, photo by Russell Linnetz
Grimes, photo by Russell Linnetz

    One in five residents of Los Angeles have tested positive for COVID-19, and you can count Grimes among them. On Saturday, the art-pop musician shared her positive diagnosis via an Instagram Story.

    “Finally got COVID,” she wrote, “but weirdly enjoying the DayQuil fever dream … 2021.”

    She posted the text alongside a Spotify stream of SZA’s latest single, “Good Days”, which she described using space, heart, sparkle, and dragon emojis.


    To kick off the year, Grimes released a Rave edition of her 2020 album Miss Anthropocene. Meanwhile, her partner Elon Musk just became the richest man in the world thanks to a surge in Tesla stock as of late.

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