Hayley Williams Gifts Fan New Song “My Limb” to Leak Online

Last night's Wolf Moon compelled Williams to deliver a copy of the song to superfan Carly Butler

hayley williams new song my limbs leak stream listen
Hayley Williams, image via Twitter/@paramoremusicom

    The first full moon of January is known as the Wolf Moon, and legends say it causes strange behavior: werewolves gather in packs, sleepwalkers commit murders, and rock stars leak their own songs. We can’t speak for lycanthropes or violent somnambulists, but there’s definitely some truth to the latter. Last night, as the moon waxed full, Hayley Williams stalked the streets of Nashville to deliver a leak of her new song “My Limb” to one lucky superfan.

    Williams shared the adventure in an Instagram story which was subsequently documented by She seemed aware of the inherent dangers of this lunar event, and so brought along protection in the form of her dog, Alf, whom she dressed in a handsome cape. The Paramore leader drove a CD and one of her Sanctuary Candles to the home of her Nashville neighbor Carly Butler. “I hope she doesn’t think I’m coming to murder her,” Williams said. “Or I hope she does, I don’t know.” In a storm of giggles, she made the delivery into Butler’s mailbox and drove off honking the horn.

    For her part, Butler seemed to enjoy the experience. “did hayley williams drive to your house and drop off a candle and a cd with her new song on it or are you having a normal night,” she tweeted.


    The new song, “My Limb”, subsequently found its way to YouTube. Williams sings of the pain of losing someone, and she does so in visceral terms that befit a Wolf Moon. “If you gotta amputate,” she coos,Don’t give me the tourniquet.” Check it out below.

    Last year Williams dropped Petals for Armor, one of our favorite albums of 2020, and she followed it with an acoustic EP featuring the original song “Find Me Here”. In December, she covered Massive Attack at the Ally Coalition Talent Show.


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