10-year-old prodigy Nandi Bushell continues to study up on rock history — and when you’re 10, it’s all history. Having recently bounced around Britpop and mowed down metal, the precocious multi-instrumentalist is putting the ‘class’ in classic rock, celebrating Jimmy Page’s birthday by recording instrumental loops of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”.

Page turned 77 on January 9th and Bushell uploaded her video the next day. She used a Boss RC 505 Loop Station, first laying down the drums, then the notoriously tricky bass line, and finally that propulsive guitar riff. She opted not to sing herself, but she did include a sample of Robert Plant’s “ahh-aah’s,” and she honored the Norse mythology of the lyrics by smashing her Roland sample pad with a replica of Thor’s hammer.

In a statement, Bushell wished Page a happy birthday and explained that she first heard “Immigrant Song” in a movie that came out before she was born — if you’re a Led Zeppelin fan, you may want to take an ibuprofen before reading further — 2003’s School of Rock. She wrote,


“The first time I heard the immigrant song by @ledzeppelin was in the movie #schoolofrock when @jackblack was driving the van, turns around and screams ‘ahh-aah’! Best movie ever! I have loved dropping the LED ever since! #johnbonham and his son @jasonbonham are both incredible drummers. @johnpauljonesofficial @jimmypage and @robertplantofficial you guys are so awesome too! #ledzeppelin are so so so good! Hope you guys love my loop I made for you. Happy Birthday @jimmypage.”

Watch her loop her way through “Immigrant Song” below. Last year, Bushell’s viral covers caught the attention of Dave Grohl, and the two rockers participated in a drum battle which ended with Bushell celebrating victory. Grohl wrote her a theme song, she returned the favor, and now the pair plan to write a song together.