Alice Cooper Celebrates 73rd Birthday with New Song “Social Debris”: Stream

The veteran rocker's forthcoming album Detroit Stories arrives February 26th

Alice Cooper New Song Social Debris
Alice Cooper, photo by Jenny Risher

    Alice Cooper has celebrated his 73rd birthday by releasing a new single called “Social Debris”, from his forthcoming album, Detroit Stories, out February 26th. As a birthday gift to his fans, Cooper offered up a music video for the track along with a free 24-hour download.

    The shock rocker’s new LP is a concept album about his native Detroit. Previous singles have explored the Motor City’s storied rock ‘n’ roll history. As Cooper explained in a video address, “Social Debris” was written by the original Alice Cooper band and focuses on the trial and tribulations growing up in the city itself and forming an identity among the outcasts of society.

    “The single ‘Social Debris’ is a gift to Detroit, to my fans and to myself,” Cooper said. “The track was written by the original Alice Cooper band. We never thought that we would ever fit in; the Alice Cooper band didn’t fit in with anybody, because we were doing things that no other band did. We didn’t fit in with the folk scene, we didn’t fit in with the metal scene, we really didn’t fit in with anything that was going on at that time. We just always felt like we were outsiders.”


    He continued: “We felt like we were social debris, we were in our own little world. So ‘Social Debris’ was just the original band writing a song about us, essentially. And it came out sounding like it belonged [in] 1971. That’s just the original band — you can’t change that. It’s great.”

    The grooving track does have a certain ’70s swagger that evokes the old Alice Cooper band — the era prior to Cooper becoming the singular persona he’s known for today. From the singles we’ve heard so far, Detroit Stories is shaping up to be the ultimate tribute to Cooper’s hometown. In the initial press announcement for the album, he recalled just how vibrant (and heavy) the Detroit music scene was in the ’60s and ’70s.

    “Detroit was heavy rock central then,” Cooper said. “You’d play the Eastown and it would be Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, The Stooges and The Who, for $4! The next weekend at the Grande it was MC5, Brownsville Station and Fleetwood Mac, or Savoy Brown or the Small Faces. You couldn’t be a soft-rock band or you’d get your ass kicked.”


    Detroit Stories was produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin and features a host of Detroit all-stars such as the MC5’s Wayne Kramer, among others. The album is available for pre-order via Cooper’s merch store or Amazon.

    Watch Alice Coopers’ video for “Social Debris” and his birthday video address below. Download the track for free in the next 24 hours here.

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