Björk is the latest artist to curate a Sonos Radio station, plumbing her formidable WAV archives for a playlist that touches every corner of the globe.

Her channel is called “21 years worth of wave files liquidated into a stream”. As she explained in an interview at the top of the mix, Björk has owned the same laptop for 21 years. It’s become a repository for all her favorite tracks discovered on CDs, cassettes, vinyl, and more — every song that she says “saved my life” she converted into a high-quality WAV format. Now, these sonic chronicles have been distilled down to an eclectic hour’s worth of music, featuring performances by Alim qasimov, Jeremiah, Oui, LFO, Aby Ngana Diop, ML Buch, and more.

In a statement, Björk delved into her curation process, writing,

“i am quite thrilled to have had a reason to go through 21 years of music-file collecting .. since my first laptop i have been cd shopping , awkward cassette finding , vinyl searching in secret stores on my travels and gathered them all into a library of gorgeous wave-files . it was only a question of time before i would share them and then in yet another form : them clouds and streams. a lot of my heart belongs there … unbelievable memories with friends , loved ones , dj-ing in little bars , all sorts of occasions possible , in boats , cars , planes . here is music for weddings , solitudes , dancing , friendly chess matches or hikes …. i thank all the musicians who have saved my life repeatedly through the years and hope you enjoy this as much as i have”


Previously, Sonos Radio has handed over the reigns to Thom Yorke, D’Angelo, and FKA twigs. Next up, The Chemical Brothers will launch “Radio Chemical” on March 2nd.

Last year, Björk was cast as the Slav Witch in Robert Eggers’ The Northmanand she released new versions of “Cosmogony” and “Sonnets” with Iceland’s Hamrahlid Choir.