Chet Faker (aka Nick Murphy) Shares New Song “Get High”: Stream

After a five year hiatus, Murphy has released a second song as Chet Faker

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Chet Faker in “Get High” video

    Last October, Nick Murphy revived his Chet Faker alter ego for the first time in five years. The Aussie songwriter returned with “Low”, and now he’s skipping over the middle ground to share the new song “Get High”.

    Over bluesy keyboard chords, Murphy sings a bouncy tune about feeling bone-tired. This is an aspirational song, less a celebration of being high and more an interrogation of the state of mind that make you want to do it. “And just because I tried, doesn’t mean I’m wrong,” he sings, “Just because I’m cryin’, doesn’t mean I’m not strong.”

    In a statement, Murphy explained the impetus behind the track, saying, Sometimes you just need a break. I find myself wanting to escape just for a little while and the song sort of showed up on its own.”


    The single comes with a psychedelic music video that blends live action and swirling animation. Murphy plays piano, floats above the clouds, and sinks neck-deep into fluffy foam. Check out “Get High” below, and stay tuned for more Chet Faker releases. As for Nick Murphy, last year he dropped the instrumental album Music for Silence.

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