Facebook’s New App Bars Lets You Rap Over Premade Beats

The app offers AutoTune and a rhyming dictionary

Bars app Facebook rap beats rapping hip-hop, screengrabs via Instagram/@getbarsapp
Bars, screengrabs via Instagram/@getbarsapp

    The follow-up era to SoundCloud rappers may well be upon us. As noted by TechCrunch, Facebook is releasing an app that will let users rap over premade beats and share a video of it with their community. It’s called Bars, and it’s currently available to download in closed beta form.

    From the sound of it, Bars is an app geared towards beginner rappers and freestyle pros alike. Users can choose from a rolodex of beats already available to use on the app, rap over them for 60 seconds, and then post the video to a “TikTok-style feed” where fellow Bars users can watch it and mark it as “fire” if they like it. Bars reportedly offers “studio quality vocal effects,” including everybody’s favorite AutoTune feature, too.

    Those in need of a creative boost should be pretty pleased with Bars because it also offers a rhyming dictionary based on your skill level. Those who mark themselves as “beginners” (AKA people with one year or less of experience) will get access to an auto-rhyme dictionary that suggests possible words to use. If you opt for the “advanced” level (which the app defines as someone who has over four years’ worth of rapping experience), then you get access to the Freestyle mode, which gives users eight random words that they must work into an improvisational 16-bar rap.


    If you’re eager to prove you’ve got the verbal skills to blow people away, or if you want to attempt freestyling over some catchy beats for the first time, then head over to the US App Store to download Bars. Unfortunately, after downloading you have to join the waitlist to try the closed beta test, but chances are they’re eager to bring people onboard since it’s being pushed on social media already.

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