Gizmo Returns in New Gremlins Mountain Dew Ad: Watch

Star Zach Galligan reunites with his furry Mogwai friend

Gremlins Mountain Dew Ad

    Turn off the lights, tighten those faucets, and make sure it’s not midnight because Gizmo and the Gremlins are back. No, not for a sequel, but a cute new commercial for Mountain Dew Zero Sugar that’s curiously arrived after the Super Bowl.

    It gets better! Star Zach Galligan returns as Billy Peltzer to reunite with his furry friend. The only problem is that the guy clearly hasn’t learned his lesson — even after the batshit crazy Gremlins 2: The New Batch — and he’s breaking the rules all over again.

    As you’ll see, he’s giving Gizmo some of his tasty beverage, which is a no-no for Mogwais — even if there isn’t sugar in the mix. Though, judging from his daughter’s reaction, it would appear the Peltzer family is immune to these shenanigans by now.


    Get nostalgic by watching the ad below, which should hold you over until HBO Max’s Secrets of the Mogwai series. You can also revisit our exhaustive oral history on the 1990 sequel, which features interviews with Galligan, director Joe Dante, and more.