Mariachi Band Trolls Ted Cruz Outside His Houston Home

"No one should go to Cancún and not listen to Mariachi"

ted cruz mariachi band cancun texas mexico
Ted Cruz and Mariachi Mi Mexico (image via Twitter/@hisey_mike)

    Senator Ted Cruz may not have been able to carry out his tone-deaf vacation to Cancún, but some residents of Texas made sure that Mexico came to him. As The Independent reports, a Mariachi band held a lively performance outside of Cruz’s Houston home on Sunday, because as one organizer put it, “No one should go to Cancún and not listen to Mariachi.”

    Cruz, who is responsible for approximately 90% of the terrible haircuts in the Senate and at least 10% of its jowls, flew to Cancún on Wednesday, February 17th. The timing struck almost everyone as less than ideal, given that his home state of Texas had been rocked by catastrophic winter storms. With millions snowed-in without water or electricity, Cruz used the powers of his office to arrange a police escort to the airport and made a beeline for warmer climates. He was spotted immediately — remember that awful haicut? — and the social media shaming began before his plane even touched down. On Thursday, as he was crushed by a nation’s collective scorn and the weight of his own presidential ambitions, Cruz deigned to return home — where he quickly blamed the trip on his children.

    Even as his initial excuses were rebutted by leaked text messages from his wife’s group chat, his constituents planned a welcome party. Adam Jama launched a GoFundMe called “Mariachi band for Ted Cruz,” which promised to celebrate the Senator with the same seriousness with which he had handled the Texas crisis. The fundraiser is still open, with additional proceeds promised to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.


    The Mariachi Band itself, which was reported to be Mariachi Mi Mexico en Houston, set up shop outside Cruz’s home and played an energetic set reminding the Senator of all the places he’d rather be. A small crowd joined in the festivities, brandishing signs that included “Cruz’s Lies Cost Lives” and “Smash Fascism.” It’s unclear if Cruz himself was home to enjoy the show, but the events were probably entertaining to his recently-abandoned poodle Snowflake. Check out clips below.

    This is just the latest group of people to tell Cruz to fuck off. Others to lock horns with the Senator from Texas include Seth Rogen, Ron Perlman, Trent Reznor, and Sesame Street.

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