Sufjan Stevens Debuts “Tell Me You Love Me” Video Directed by Luca Guadagnino: Watch

Call Me by Your Name collaborators reunite for new visuals in support of Stevens' LP The Ascension

sufjan stevens tell me you love me music video luca Guadagnino watch
Sufjan Stevens and Luca Guadagnino (photo via Maximilian Bühn/WikiCommons)

    The last time Sufjan Stevens and director Luca Guadagnino got together, it led to “one of the most traumatizing experiences” of the musician’s life. Stevens had penned the song “Mystery of Love” for Guadagnino’s Call Me by Your Name, leading to an Oscar nomination and an uncomfortable performance at the 2018 Academy Awards ceremony. As painful as that event appeared to be for Stevens, it thankfully didn’t sour him on working with the acclaimed filmmaker, as the pair have reunited for the music video for “Tell Me You Love Me”.

    The track off Stevens’ latest LP, The Ascension, is a swirling and twisting romance that Guadagnino reflects almost literally in the accompanying visuals. Lithe bodies roll and writhe on the ground of a white void, with shots of nature interspersed throughout. Said the director of his vision for the clip,

    “The aching feeling of loving and wanting to be loved, the mystery of bodies that clash, the uncanny aspects of nature, the sublime music poetry and voice of Sufjan — all this went into this video that I am proud to have made with the collaboration of two more great artists, Alessio Bolzoni and Celia Hempton.”

    Check out Stevens’ “Tell Me You Love Me” video below.

    Stevens has been on something of a collaborative kick as of late. In January, he teamed with yMusic’s CARM for “Song of Trouble”, and he hooked up with Asthmatic Kitty label member Angelo De Augustine on “Blue” back in October.


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