“Heroes Wear Masks”: WarnerMedia Adds PPE to Movies for #MaskUpAmerica PSA: Watch

Joker, Harry Potter,, and Humphrey Bogart protect themselves and others against COVID-19

Movie characters in masks
#MaskUpAmerica PSA

    Despite repeated claims by a certain ex-President that “One day — It’s like a miracle — it will disappear,” the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t gone away on its own. Now WarnerMedia, perhaps with an eye on getting its blockbusters back into theaters, has released a fun new video encouraging the use of personal protective equipment as part of the #MaskUpAmerica campaign.

    “Heroes wear masks,” the entertainment conglomerate wrote in a tweet. “Even villains wear masks! You should, too. #MaskUpAmerica.” The ad kicks off with The Flash wearing a spiffy red face mask over his usual helmet and uttering the words, “Oh, it’s on.” But it’s not just superheroes who get the virus protection. A masked Dr. Evil takes a nut shot in Austin Powers, a masked Humphrey Bogart tells a masked Ingrid Bergman, “Here’s looking at you, kid,” and Pennywise from It wears a mask of his own face. We also see a hygienic Joker doing a socially-distanced dance down the stairs, and Harry Potter and Voldemort attempting to kill each other while still protecting their loved ones from the novel coronavirus. Check out the 30-second spot below.

    Because of the ongoing pandemic, WarnerMedia is releasing its entire slate of 2021 films on HBO Max the same day they arrive in theaters. Dr. Fauci thinks movie theaters and concerts can resume something close to normal operations after 70% of the population is vaccinated, which he expects to happen in the fall.


    Editor’s Note: Stay safe and protect those around you by wearing a mask. Better yet, pick up up one of our custom face mask designs at Consequence Shop. Proceeds from each sale go towards supporting independent artists impacted by the pandemic.

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