Fender Unveils New American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster Guitar

Fender's latest Acoustasonic electric-acoustic model offers the best of both worlds

Fender Acoustasonic Jazzmaster
Fender Acoustasonic Jazzmaster, photo courtesy of Fender

    Fender has announced the new American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster. The hybrid electric-acoustic guitar is the latest in Fender’s Acoustasonic series, and it’s already attracted the attention of Fleetwood Mac legend Lindsey Buckingham.

    “Even though I’ve only been with this new Jazzmaster for a short time, I can see that it would have a lot of uses in the studio,” Buckingham said in the press release for the guitar.

    His quote summarizes what makes the Acoustasonic Jazzmaster so great: it’s versatility. For the acoustic player looking to amplify their instrument in the live setting, the guitar is ideal. The Fishman pickup captures everything; and considering there’s a carved sound hole, the tone remains faithful to a true acoustic. The weight and feel match a standard Jazzmaster, but the tonal options reach further.


    Typically, an acoustic-electric veers closer to the former, with pickups accounting for the “electric” side of things. However, the Acoustasonic series takes the body styles and specs of classic Fender electric models, carving them into a hybrid form that can be played plugged or unplugged.

    “The culmination of five years of design, building, and refining the form factor and technology of this guitar has been a proud journey. The Jazzmaster was made iconic by inventive musicians looking for a guitar that could deliver unique sounds,” said Billy Martinez, Fender VP Category Manager of Acoustic and Squier Divisions. “The Acoustasonic Jazzmaster expands on this tradition. With three powerful pickups and the Fishman Acoustic Engine, all controlled by a single Blend knob, the Acoustasonic Jazzmaster now gives the player unmatched sonic versatility.”

    Fender was gracious enough to provide Consequence of Sound with a loaner of the new Jazzmaster, and from our time spent with the instrument, we can attest to its advertised versatility. The craftsmanship meets the high standards of an American-made Fender.


    Whether you play the guitar through an amp or not, it sounds great. The various pickup positions and “Blend” knob allow for a vast spectrum of tones, from scorching feedback to mellow jazz. For anyone who’s wanted to tease a more natural, airy sound from an electric guitar or a more assertive acoustic sound, the Acoustasonic Jazzmaster is an engineering achievement. To top it off, the Jazzmaster body is larger, lacking the cutaways of the Stratocaster and Telecaster, which were previously issued in Acoustasonic form.

    “The resounding success of the Acoustasonic Series has allowed us to expand beyond just building a groundbreaking product, and into developing a long-term platform,” continued Martinez. “With the Jazzmaster now representing the third iteration of our Acoustasonic technology, we’re making it clear that this is more than just an interesting concept — the Acoustasonic Jazzmaster is ready to be your go-to instrument.”

    The American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster is set to retail for $1,999.99 in various colorways. Watch the introductory launch video and a documentary about the making of the guitar below. You can purchase the Acoustasonic Jazzmaster directly via Fender or authorized sellers on Reverb. Stay tuned for our upcoming video review of the Acoustastonic Jazzmaster.


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