Lamb of God Unleash Quarantine Performance of “Routes” Featuring Testament’s Chuck Billy: Stream

The band tears through a socially distanced rendition of the 2020 track

Lamb of God Quarantine Session "Routes" featuring Chuck Billy
Testament’s Chuck Billy and Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, courtesy of Adrenaline PR

    Lamb of God have unveiled a new quarantine session video for the song “Routes” featuring Testament frontman Chuck Billy. The socially distanced rendition is streaming below.

    Billy fits right in on the raucous thrasher from Lamb of God’s excellent 2020 self-titled LP, reprising his guest vocals from the original studio version. This quarantine session is even more raw, effectively capturing the band’s live sound despite being tracked remotely by the band members from their home studios.

    The song focuses on the oppression of indigenous peoples and cultures in the United States, with Randy Blythe’s lyrics holding nothing back: “A legacy of endless greed/ manifested destiny”.


    “It’s always an honor to be asked to perform with Lamb of God, especially on this song,” Billy commented in a press statement. “It has such a deep meaning for me personally with my native American heritage. I’m happy Randy included me to get the message out about what is going on with Native Americans in the USA.”

    Lamb of God are set to release a deluxe edition of the 2020 album and a 12-inch vinyl pressing of their Live in Richmond, VA livestream performance. The band has also launched their own line of signature small-batch coffee, fulfilling a longtime passion of guitarist Willie Adler. So far, they have two roasts available.

    As for Billy, the Testament singer appears to have made a full recovery after a bout with COVID early in 2020 — his fiery vocal performance on the new “Routes” video sounds great. Billy was among the first major metal musicians to become infected with the virus after touring Europe prior to lockdowns last March.


    Watch the video for “Routes” below.


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