Meow Mix Theme Gets Metal, Latin Dance, Country Remixes on New Vinyl Release

Classic pet food jingle gets jazz and pop twists, too

meow mix remix vinyl lp jingle theme song stream

    We all know that Meow Mix is the only food cats ask for by name, but what if your cat has a little harder of an edge? Or more of a Latin flare? Or is a bit too smooth for your standard brand jingle? Well, now kitties of any kind can call for their dinner in their own purr-fect tone thanks to the new Meow Mix ReMix LP.

    The limited edition vinyl release features the classic Meow Mix theme song redone in a variety of styles by a number of feline artists. Luna delivers a modern pop update, Gatocito and Pata Suave turn in a dance-floor hit, Endless Hiss roll your spine with their metal take, Hearts & Paws make biscuits of your soul with their country turn, and Sweet Teddy Pepperpaw performs a jazz rendition for all the hip cats out there.

    Yeah, it’s all paw-sitively silly, but also hiss-terically claw-some. You can check out the complete collection of kitty covers below, followed by the vinyl artwork.


    Pre-orders for the Meox Mix ReMix LP are available now, with each purchase coming with a coupon for a free bag of New Mix Tasty Layers cat food.

    Meow Mix ReMix LP Artwork:

    meow mix remix vinyl lp jingle theme song stream artwork

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