Paul McCartney and Beck Share New Version of “Find My Way”: Stream

Latest preview of McCartney III Imagined

paul mccartney beck find my way new single stream
Beck (photo by Philip Cosores) and Paul McCartney (photo by MJ Kim)

    Paul McCartney and Beck have released “Find My Way”, a new single from McCartney’s upcoming McCartney III Imagined album. Stream the visualizer video below.

    The cover transforms the whimsical classic rock song into a disco-funk tune and finds Beck having a bit of fun with a vocoder. “You never used to be afraid of days like these / But now you’re overwhelmed by your anxieties,” he sings on the chorus. “Let me help you out, let me be your guide / I can help you reach the love you feel inside.”

    “Find My Way” is the opening track from McCartney’s new album, which features artists like St. Vincent, Phoebe Bridgers, Anderson .Paak, Damon Albarn, and Blood Orange covering and/or reimagining a particular track from McCartney III, which The Beatles bassist originally released in December 2020.


    Earlier this month, McCartney shared Dominic Fike’s cover of “The Kiss of Venus”. Ahead of its release on April 16th, check out the McCartney III Imagined artwork and full tracklist here.


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