Phoebe Bridgers returned to Late Night with Seth Meyers for the third time in her career on Thursday night, only this time it wasn’t to perform. The indie star Zoomed in with a space-themed backdrop to talk with Meyers about the ironically amazing year she’s had.

Of course, they discussed the release of the fantastic Punisher, and what putting out such an acclaimed record in a year pandemic year is like. Bridgers talked about missing “tourbiting,” where she’d get to meet up with other artists on the road supporting their own efforts, and how the Grammys will have to serve as a minor replacement. She also explained how the album’s themes of grief and isolation may not be about COVID-19, but will always be connected to this strange era because of timing:

“I feel like I’m always having a hard time. I’m terrified of everything, always think the world’s gonna end. So I think maybe even if I released my first album around now, people would’ve thought it was about COVID. But, weirdly I think looking back I’ll remember the record more from when I released it than when I wrote it. It actually kind of does remind me of isolation — I think ’cause I played the songs so much in my bedroom.”


Bridgers also touched on her cover of John Prine’s “Summer’s End”, her impatient neighbors, and having her dog cut out of her Variety cover shoot. She did bring the adorable pup onto Late Night, though, which, considering the backdrop, might actually fulfill the wish she made on boygenius’ “Me & My Dog”: “I wish I was on a spaceship, just me and my dog and an impossible view.”

Watch Phoebe Bridgers’ full Late Night interview below.