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Psychoanalysis is a weekly series on the Consequence Podcast Network that takes an in-depth look at a mental health topic through the lens of horror.

“Malachi! He wants you too, Malachi. He wants you too!”

This week, Jenn, Mike, and Lara are calling all Outlanders for a new comfort horror episode on 1984’s Children of the Corn. Walking with them behind the rows is Nichole Goble of the Bodies of Horror to talk about corn, religion, and Stephen King.


There’s a lot to love in this campy classic: from the dated special effects to Linda Hamilton’s fantastic birthday song. The corn puns are plentiful and the hot takes are scorching as the gang casts their lots for either Team Isaac or Team Malachi.

The conversation takes a deeper turn as they discuss the disturbing plot elements lurking in the corn like murdered parents, childhood trauma, and fundamentalist religion, but as always, they’ll conclude with a moment of grounding and self-care.

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