Oso Oso guitarist Tavish Maloney died on March 24th at the age of 24. The cause of his passing is currently undisclosed.

Several days after Maloney’s death, Oso Oso lead singer Jade Lilitri shared a lengthy tribute to his longtime friend, in which he described the guitarist as “a rock star in every sense of the word.” Lilitri added, “he treated the stage like church and the audience like God.”

Lilitri said Maloney was “healthy happy and ready to thrive” when they last saw each other. They were filming a movie together and had plans to work on an album this summer.

The full tribute includes stories about growing up together in Long Beach, New York. Read the whole thing below.

Musicians like The Hotelier’s Christian Holden, Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Kississippi, Mom Jeans, Retirement Party, and California Cousins also shared tributes on social media. Oso Oso’s current label, Triple Crown Records, and previous label, Counter Intuitive Records, chimed in as well.