Tokyo Ghost Comic Book to Get Movie Adaptation from Cary Fukunaga

James Bond filmmaker to bring sci-fi comic book series to the silver screen

Tokyo Ghost movie adaptation comic book film Cary Fukunaga Tokyo Ghost (Image Comics)
Tokyo Ghost (Image Comics)

    Tokyo Ghost, the futuristic sci-fi comic book series released in 2015 by Image Comics, is being adapted into a feature film. No Time to Die director Cary Fukunaga is onboard to helm the movie and the series’ author, Rick Remender, will pen the script.

    Set in 2089 when humanity is addicted to technology, Tokyo Ghost follows the story of Debbie Decay and Led Dent, two peacekeepers in the Isles of Los Angeles, who are assigned a job that will take them to the last tech-free country on the planet: the garden nation of Tokyo. Remender has previously summarized the comic book series as being a “a big, visual, exciting story that at the heart of it is hiding the fact that it’s really a love story.”

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cyberpunk series adaptation will be produced by Fukunaga, Hayden Lautenbach, and Jon Silk through his new production company Silk Mass. No actors have been attached to the project just yet.


    Tokyo Ghost was received positively by critics and readers alike upon release, and Remender has been teasing a feature film adaptation of it for two years now. The series has not published a new issue since 2016 when Remender and his coworkers, artist Sean Gordon Murphy and colorist Matt Hollingsworth, capped the story with issue 10, but who knows if that will change now that a movie is in the works. Regardless, Remender is pretty stoked about the news.

    Before he can get started on Tokyo Ghost, Fukunaga has to handle a number of other projects still sitting in his lap. His long-awaited James Bond movie has been delayed until October 2021, he’s still attached to that TV adaptation of Joe Dante’s very ’80s flick Explorers, and his World War 2-inspired limited-series Masters of the Air still has yet to air, no pun intended.