Tom Morello to Twitter User Accusing Him of “White Privilege”: “I’m Not White”

The tweet came in reaction to the guitarist's admitted friendship with Ted Nugent

Tom Morello Not White Tweet
Tom Morello, photo by Amy Harris / Inset, via Twitter

    Tom Morello had a very succinct and factual response to a Twitter user who accused him of “white man privilege” on Wednesday (March 3rd). The Rage Against the Machine guitarist simply replied, “I’m not white.”

    The exchange took place after @TheRealNubian2 shared a Consequence of Sound article that we posted yesterday, in which Morello told The Howard Stern Show that he is friends with fellow guitarist Ted Nugent, despite The Nuge’s notorious extreme right-wing views.

    Along with a link to the article, @TheRealNubian2 wrote, “Tom Morello’s white man privilege is showing.” Just over an hour later, Morello delivered his aforementioned reply: “I’m not white.”


    Morello, in fact, is mixed race. His white American mother, Mary Morello, now in her 90s, founded the anti-censorship group Parents for Rock and Rap in 1987. She led an opposition to Tipper Gore’s Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), the group responsible for a notorious 1985 Senate hearing that led to “Parental Advisory” labels being slapped on CDs. Meanwhile, the guitarist’s Black father, also now in his 90s, is Ngethe Njoroge, a longtime Kenyan diplomat who served as the High Commissioner to the United Kingdom in the ’70s.

    After her tweet, @TheRealNubian2 was bombarded with responses from other Twitter users, some calling her out for not knowing Morello’s race, but others supporting her by criticizing the musician for remaining friends with Nugent.

    Then it even got more interesting. When activist Jim Keady pointed out that @TheRealNubian2 had her own podcast, and that he was certain that Morello would have no problem going on her podcast to discuss the matter, the guitarist responded, “Anytime.” To which @TheRealNubian2 replied, “Next week? Can I DM you for the details?”


    So, as @TheRealNubian2 continues to defend herself with a myriad of follow-up tweets, it appears she may soon have Morello as a guest on her podcast. We’ll keep you posted.

    See the aforementioned tweets below, followed by our own 2019 video interview with Morello, where he talked politics, a then-possible Rage Against the Machine reunion, and more. As of now, the reunited RATM are scheduled to kick off their postponed 2020 tour in June, although it remains to be seen if it will be safe to do so at that time.


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