The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Launches Cannabis Brand

Coyne's "Love Yer Brain" edibles will make their debut on 4/20 at Flaming Lips' latest space bubble concert

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The Flaming Lips, photo by Scott Booker

    In a world where everything seems crazy, it’s good to know some things still make sense. Case in point, Wayne Coyne is launching a cannabis edibles line, and it will debut at The Flaming Lips’ next space bubble concert on 4/20. See, isn’t that comforting?

    Under the tagline “cannabis for creative humans,” Coyne’s Love Yer Brain brand of custom products is named after the song from 1987’s OH MY GAWD. The first offerings will be 100mg and 250mg brain-shaped gummies available in watermelon, green apple, and raspberry flavors at select Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries. According to a press release, Love Yer Brain “was created to use cannabis and other plant-based tools in a powerful and positive way… to help people,” so it sounds like a wider range of products are in the plans.

    The gummies will make their debut at the Flaming Lips’ next bubble concert, set to take place once again at Oklahoma City’s The Criterion on April 20th. It will mark their 10th bubble gig, and they’ll be celebrating with more than just chewable cannabis; the band will perform their most recent album, 2020’s American Head, in full for the very first time.


    Tickets go on sale Friday, March 26th at 10:00 a.m. CT at The Criterion’s website.

    In addition to bringing fans fruit-flavored highs and encapsulated concert experiences, The Flaming Lips have shared the music video for the American Head cut “At the Movies on Quaaludes”. Directed by Clark Duke (the Kick-Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine series, writer/director/star of Arkansas), the clip is made up of Super8 footage of his brother Duke shot while still in college. Said Duke in a statement,

    American Head, for me, is about nostalgia. For home, for childhood, for places and events and times you’ll never forget. I stumbled upon this lost, long-forgotten Super8 footage of my brother, Chandler, wandering the state of Arkansas circa 2005. When I watched this eerie, silent film, all I could think about was… The first time I heard American Head… the first time I made a music video for a band. My favorite band.”

    Check out the “At the Movies on Quaaludes” video below.

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