Zack Snyder’s Justice League isn’t due to hit HBO Max until March 18th, but some subscribers got an early, inadvertent look on Monday.

HBO Max confirmed to Deadline that a glitch temporarily caused the first section of Justice League to stream for users trying to access the new Tom & Jerry movie. “The error was addressed within minutes,” according to HBO Max, but not before several people caught wind of the error and shared video and screenshots of the leak to social media.

Snyder’s director’s cut runs four hours long and adds the Joker into the movie, with Jared Leto reprising his Suicide Squad character for the newly shot scenes. Warner Bros. provided Snyder with a reported $40 million for additional footage after he convinced the studio to do reshoots, on top of the $30 million he was already allotted to add a new score from original composer Junkie XL, redo special effects and coloring (including turning Superman’s suit black), and bring to life the script’s primary antagonist, Darkseid.


Check out the latest trailer, including a teaser appearance from the Joker, below.