ARMY, assemble: Bang Bang Con 2021 is almost here.

After BTS’ wildly successful, nearly 24-hour 2020 Bang Bang Con, the beloved spring streaming concert event is returning for another dose of comfort, joy, and connection. While touring on the scale necessary for large groups like BTS is still on an indefinite pause, Bang Bang Con 21 will provide a much-needed opportunity for ARMY to (virtually) celebrate and reminisce together.

Bang Bang Con 21 begins at 3:00 pm Korean time on April 17th (a casual 2:00 a.m. ET here in the States), and is streaming for free on BANGTANTV as a gift to fans. The event is expected to last about seven hours and include three concert events that would normally fall under the category of paid content: BTS Live Trilogy Ep. 1: BTS Begins (Memories of 2015), BTS 5th Muster [MAGIC SHOP] in Busan, and BTS World Tour: Speak Yourself in Sao Paulo.

Consequence’s resident K-Pop expert Mary Siroky is excited to be live-tweeting along with all of ARMY from the Consequence Twitter account. You might know Mary from such greatest hits as our 2020 Band of the Year interview with BTS, her recap of their MTV Unplugged episode, or her relentlessljy staunch commitment to the BTS Should Perform Dis-ease agenda. If not, buckle up for quite a few thoughts on “Ddaeng” and “Pied Piper”.


Mary will be using the #BangBangCon21 hashtag, along with #BangBangCONSEQUENCE, because the opportunity is right there for the taking. Make sure you follow the @Consequence and the hashtags to watch along with Mary and all the ARMY.

Prepare your coffee, snacks, ARMY Bombs, and streaming setups: It’s almost showtime.

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