Darkthrone Announce New Album Eternal Hails, Share Trailer: Watch

The legendary Norwegian black metal band's latest opus arrives June 25th

Darkthrone New Album Eternal Hails

    Black metal legends Darkthrone have announced a new album, Eternal Hails, arriving on June 25th via Peaceville Records. The Norwegian duo offered up a 30-second album trailer as a taste of what’s to come.

    We can’t deduce much from the trailer, as most of it sounds like it’s being played in reverse. Painfully, we only get one riff for about two seconds at the end. It’s a chunky, heavy riff that might even be downtuned.

    Darkthrone also offered up the tracklist and artwork. There’s a cosmic space rock vibe to the sleeve, and the five songs — all over seven minutes long — hint that the band are exploring doomier territories and extended song structures on Eternal Hails. According to the press release, the LP embraces drummer/songwriter Fenriz’s love of doom metal.


    “When I was a kid growing up with metal I kept looking for bands with long songs,” Fenriz explained. “Black Sabbath had many, and Celtic Frost’s “Dawn of Meggido” [was] a long song, so I put that on in the record store and discovered another dimension of metal. Candlemass’ Epicus Doomicus Metallicus had only long songs, so I think I bought that without even listening, and it was one of my best buys ever — an eternal inspiration for my entire career.”

    Added vocalist Nocturno Culto: “For us it has become a bit logical, hard to explain, but you get to build up for a different kind of listening. A three-minute song is nothing we think of at the moment. We like it this way. For now.”

    In a change from recent albums, Darkthrone were forced to abandon their Necrohell II studio when their portable 8-track recorder broke — it became “too necro.” Instead, the duo tracked the album at Chaka Khan Studio in Oslo, with Fenriz using a drum kit that belonged to Carmine Appice during his stint in Rod Stewart’s band. Despite all this, Fenriz assures fans that the results still sound like a Darkthrone record.


    “No matter what happens we will still sound like us, it seems!” Fenriz said.

    Eternal Hails comes two years after the critically acclaimed Old Star, which landed at No. 4 on our list of the Top Metal + Hard Rock Albums of 2019.

    Pre-order Eternal Hails on colored vinyl and CD via Peaceville. Watch the trailer for the album and check out the artwork and tracklist below.


    Eternal Hails Artwork:

    Dark Throne - Eternal Hails

    Eternal Hails Tracklist:
    01. His Master`s Voice
    02. Hate Cloak
    03. Wake of the Awakened
    04. Voyage to a North Pole Adrift
    05. Lost Arcane City of Uppakra


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