Toronto rapper DijahSB has unveiled their new album Head Above the Waters. Stream it below using Apple Music or Spotify.

The artist born Kahdijah Payne has been lighting up the rap world, combining spry dance beats with deep reserves of emotions. After last year’s 2020 the Album put SB on the radar, they returned to the studio, and made social media explode with the irresistibly fun Head Above the Waters single “Throw That Back”.

The eight-track effort features guest verses from RAY HMND, Chris Castello, Terrell Morris, and Harrison. Taken together, it serves up a high-wire balancing act between elation and depression, and while it sometimes requires the listener to dance through the pain, the album is working towards unbridled joy.


In a recent interview with Xtra Magazine, DijahSB spoke about musical vulnerability, explaining,

“People have told me they appreciate my willingness to speak about things like my anxiety or depression. I want to be a voice for the voiceless, because people don’t always have the capacity or know how to express themselves when they’re going through something hard. I know that I’m good at it, and I’m okay with being vulnerable and naked.”

Previously, they shared the singles “Overtime” and “By Myself”. Earlier this week, they guested on the new Janette King single “Cool Me Down”.

Head Above the Waters Artwork:

Head Above the Waters Tracklist:
01. Moving With Tides (feat. Ray HMND)
02. Throw That Back
03. Head Above The Waters
04. Way Too Many Ways
05. Overtime (feat. Chris Castello)
06. By Myself (feat. Harrison)
07. New Harrison (feat. Harrison and Terrell Morris)
08. Big Waves (feat. Harrison)