Fucked Up Go Long on New 22-Minute Song “Year of the Horse – Act Three”: Stream

The latest track from their Chinese Zodiac series features guest vocals from : Matt Berninger of The National

Fucked Up Year of the Horse Act Three 3 stream new song music, photo by Raymond Ahner
Fucked Up, photo by Raymond Ahner

    Fucked Up have released “Year of the Horse — Act Three”, the third track off the Toronto punk band’s upcoming EP celebrating the Chinese Zodiac. Stream it via Bandcamp below.

    “Year of the Horse — Act Three” clocks in at a whopping 22 minutes (!) and is structured like a play. It’s theatrical and dramatic — which is par for the course so far with this EP, considering it comes with extensive liner notes — and sees singers Maegan Brooks Mills and Tuka Mohammed sharing their duties with frontman Damian Abraham. Unlike the first and second tracks from Year of the Horse, though, this new act features vocals by a surprise guest: Matt Berninger of The National. Needless to say, it makes for an unexpected listen.

    As per tradition, Year of the Horse is part of Fucked Up’s ongoing series tied to the Chinese Zodiac. The EP consists of four different acts total and is dedicated to the Texas hardcore icons Wade Allison of Iron Age and Riley Gale of Power Trip, both of whom were friends with the group prior to their deaths.


    Year of the Horse is a Bandcamp exclusive, with a physical release following later on in 2021, so it’s in your best interest to purchase a copy if you like what you hear. Pre-orders are currently ongoing.

    Previously in their Zodiac series, Fucked Up have released — deep breath! — 2006’s “Year of the Dog”, 2008’s “Year of the Pig”, 2009’s “Year of the Rat”, 2010’s “Year of the Ox”, 2012’s “Year of the Tiger”, 2014’s “Year of the Dragon”, 2015’s “Year of the Hare”, and 2017’s “Year of the Snake”. The band’s last proper full-length album, Dose Your Dreams, came out back in 2018.

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