Happy 4/20, all you Scumdogs! To celebrate this highest of holy days, the intergalactic barbaric warriors GWAR have cracked the whip on their puny human scientists to launch brand new additions to Consequence and GWAR’s Bud of Gods line: Delta-8 THC gummies and an exclusive collector’s box!

The Bud of Gods Delta-8 is derived from the beloved Blue Dream strain and presented in two forms: gluten-free, vegan, all natural gummies and a 510-compatible glass CCELL vape cartridge. The strawberry flavored gummies come in bottles of five or 30, with each edible infused with 20mg of Delta-8 distillate — so put a gummy in your tummy, you dummy!

The cartridge, however, is exclusively available in the new limited edition Bud of Gods collector’s box. The box is also the only way to get your grubby little hands on an 8×10 poster autographed by the alien overlords of GWAR themselves, plus a unique black card grinder. Filling out the collectible box is a five-count bottle of Delta-8 gummies, a 3.5-gram jar of Bud of Gods CBD flower, a rolling tray, a pack of rolling papers, three color stickers, and a wristband. This one-stop collection of the best Bud of Gods has to offer is limited to just 100 units, so snag yours before the World Maggot gobbles them all!


To celebrate the new Bud of Gods Delta-8 line, we’re also launching a brand new, limited edition T-shirt featuring the Bud of Gods logo on the front of a black shirt. Like the collector’s box, there are only 100 of these tees, and they’re available at a specially discounted price of only $19.99.

Delta-8 is a powerful cannabinoid native to the cannabis hemp flower with similar effects to the more common Delta-9 THC we all know and love. While it has similar psychotropic properties to its less-universally-legal cannabinoid brethren, it’s less potent, delivering a much easier, more tolerable version of the traditional THC experience. What’s more, since it’s a derivative of the unflowered hemp plant (CBD), it’s completely legal under the 2018 US Farm Bill.

All these new products, as well as all the full Bud of Gods CBD and merch line, are available now at BudofGods.com. Note that CBD and Delta-8 products are only available for shipping within the US, while all merch and apparel can be shipped to Canada as well.