Rammstein Team Up with Luxury Fashion Brand Balenciaga on Apparel Line and Curated Playlist

Du hast $1,000? That'll buy you a hoodie.

Rammstein Luxury Merch Line
Rammstein x Balenciaga, via Balenciaga Music

    German industrial metal titans Rammstein have joined forces with high-end fashion brand Balenciaga on a new line of unisex apparel and a curated playlist.

    Before you get too excited about wearing your designer Rammstein shirt, be forewarned that the new apparel goes for luxury prices — like $1,000 for a hoodie and $500 for a distressed baseball cap. Most of the items bear the Rammstein logo and the band’s photo, an outtake from the band’s legendary mixed-media photoshoot by Austrian-Irish auteur Gottfried Helnwein.

    Among the other products for sale are T-shirts ($650) and fanny packs ($850). Du hast $2,250? Then you can also pre-order a raincoat. The backpacks ($1,290) appear to be already sold out at the time of this post.


    The Rammstein apparel falls under the umbrella of the new Balenciaga Music line, with bands and artists curated by creative director Demna Gvasalia. The iconic designer is also known for co-founding the provocative Vetements, and it appears his latest interest is heavy metal fashion. The affordability of the prices aside, prestigious names like Balenciaga and Demna teaming with Rammstein is a massive endorsement from the high-fashion world.

    Along with each Balenciaga Music drop, the artist curates a playlist for Balenciaga’s Apple Music profile. Rammstein’s song selections reveal the full breadth of their influences and contemporaries, from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Beastie Boys to Led Zeppelin and the recently embattled Marilyn Manson.

    The 28-song, nearly two-hour playlist should give you ample time to prepare a financial plan for that Rammstein hoodie you so desperately desire.


    Check out the playlist below and browse the Rammstein x Balenciaga line on the brand’s website. If you like your merch a little more racy, then visit Rammstein singer Till Lindemann’s “Doctor Dick” shop for “Tilldo” vibrators and “Golden Shower” wine.

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