Issy Wood Shares New Song “Muscle” Co-Produced by Mark Ronson: Stream

From Wood's upcoming EP titled If It's Any Constellation

Issy Wood Shares Mark Ronson Co-Produced Song "Muscles"
Issy Wood, photo via her Instagram

    UK indie-pop artist Issy Wood has shared a new song called “Muscle” co-produced by Mark Ronson. It’s from her new EP If It’s Any Constellation that’s due out in late May via Zelig Records.

    Presently, Wood is better known for her paintings than she is for her music. She’s been featured in numerous arts-oriented publications who have lauded her unique eye for what she calls a “Medieval millennial” style, and her Instagram features many of her terrific works. As a singer-songwriter, she released an EP last year called Cries Real Tears that felt akin to the humorous yet slightly dark indie-pop of Okay Kaya, and “Muscle” continues in that vein.

    The song has crunchy guitars, swirls of ethereal harmonies, and addictive drum machine thwacks that give it a strangely three-dimensional sonic texture. She co-produced it alongside Ronson, but she apparently wrote and recorded this and the EP it’s taken from in her kitchen throughout the pandemic, which is impressive because nothing about this feels distinctly DIY or homemade.


    In the accompanying self-directed video, three men in peculiar suits with old-timey clocks drawn on them bust moves and strike poses in unison. Check it out below.

    There’s no firm release date for If It’s Any Constellation, but a press releases promises that it’ll arrive in late May. Stay tuned for more details on that front.

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