The Voidz Share New Song “The Eternal Tao 2.0”: Stream

The song soundtracks an official promotional video for the New York Mets

The Voidz Share New Song "The Eternal Tao 2.0"
The Voidz’s “The Eternal Tao 2.0” artwork

    Julian Casablancas is back with a new(ish) track from The Voidz. It’s called “The Eternal Tao 2.0” and it came paired with a major league (hint hint) collaboration.

    In 2019, The Voidz released a one-off single called “The Eternal Tao”, which was a wacky psych-pop track that featured Casablancas singing through a vocoder and production from Mac DeMarco. Now, the New York band has released a “2.0” version of the track that’s nearly two minutes longer. Even weirder, the song was featured in an official opening day promo video for the New York Mets, which their channel SNY posted on their official YouTube page.

    Casablancas is a longtime Mets fanatic and he’s a very popular musician from the Big Apple, so a collaboration between the two entities isn’t that far out of left field. But the fact that it’s this positively insane Voidz single and not a classic Strokes song is pretty freakin’ wild. Check out the SNY clip below and then listen to the full “2.0” version of “The Eternal Tao” on streaming services.


    Back in December, The Voidz dropped a new song called “Alien Crime Lord” that originally premiered on Casablancas’ GTA 5 radio station. Last month, The Strokes finally won their first Grammy for Best Rock Album.

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