Tierra Whack Returns With New Single “Link”: Stream

The Philly rapper's first new song of 2021

Tierra Whack Returns With New Single "Link"
Tierra Whack’s “Link” video

    It’s been almost three years since Tierra Whack released her 15-song, 15-minute debut album Whack Worldbut the Philly experimental rapper has maintained a steady flow of singles throughout that period. Her latest is a track called “Link” that flips the “link and build” internet parlance into a catchy bop about Legos.

    The two-minute cut is actually Whack’s first new material since she double-dropped the singles “feel good” and “Peppers and Onions” back in November, which were preceded a couple week’s earlier by the thumping “Dora”. It doesn’t seem like Whack is rolling out a new project with “Link”, but that’s OK because the song and its accompanying video are a treat.

    “You should come and build with me/ I think we should link up,” Whack sings with her unmistakable giddiness during the hook. With lines like “so many pieces” and “I can make it stack/ it will never drop,” it’s quite clear that she’s literally rapping about building Lego creations, and the music video sees Whack assembling a series of ambitious structures with some colorful alien buddies.


    There’s really no one else in the hip-hop landscape right now who has such a symbiotic relationship between her songs and her visuals, and “Link” is yet another joy to listen and/or watch. Check it out below.


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