The Flaming Lips Return to the Site of Their First Concert for Performance on Kimmel: Watch

Wayne Coyne played "Will You Return / When You Come Down" at the Blue Note Lounge in Oklahoma City

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC)

    For their Monday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Flaming Lips returned to the Blue Note Lounge in Oklahoma City, where they played their very first concert in 1983. With the help of Micah Nelson, youngest son of Willie, the group performed the American Head track “Will You Return / When You Come Down”.

    To eyes trained for social distancing, the stage felt impossibly crowded, with guitars, keys, and drums practically stacked on top of each other. But considering the band has recently been performing inside of literal bubbles, they probably felt like they had a whole planet to themselves.

    With saturated lighting and a few colorful wigs, the band floated along the spaced-out song, while Nelson assisted with guitar and vocals. Check out “Will You Return / When You Come Down” below.


    Last month, The Flaming Lips contributed “Snail: I’m Avail”, an ode to Gary the Snail, to the new The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run soundtrack. A few weeks later, drummer Matt Duckworth joined up with members of Slowdive, The Soft Cavalry, and Casket Girls to form the new supergroup Beachy Head. On April 20th of this year, Lips frontman Wayne Coyne fulfilled his destiny and launched his own cannabis brand.


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